Terms of use

These Conditions of Use, together with other particular conditions that may be established, are intended to clarify various aspects of the website http://www.hardpeach.com as well as the conditions for purchasing products through it, accepted payment methods, aspects on shipping and returns and the rest of the conditions that affect the purchase in some way.


The Website is owned by HardPeach SL, with CIF B06943435, and through the HardPeach Trademark duly registered in the Registry of Patents and Trademarks.

The use of the services of the Website, as well as the acquisition of any of the products offered, implies the acceptance of the Client or User, without reservations of any kind, of each and every one of these Conditions. Registration on the Website and use of the services means that your data as a User will become part of the files of HardPeach SL, and its treatment will be in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy, which the User expressly declares to know and accept.

All information about products is detailed, and offers the possibility of purchasing them through the Website. People who intend to purchase products must complete the respective form with the data prior to the purchase process and follow the steps that will be indicated through the Website until the process is completed.

These Conditions, together with the Privacy Policy and the Legal Notice of the Website, are the only conditions applicable to the use of the Website and the purchase of products through it and replace any other conditions. Consequently, the User who accesses the Website, registers and makes the purchase of products through the Website accepts and is bound by the Conditions, the Privacy Policy and Legal Notice as they are drafted at the time to access the Website.

Every User who registers on the Website must be at least eighteen (18) years old.




The photographs, graphic or iconographic representations and videos relating to HardPeach SL products, as well as trade names, brands or distinctive signs of any kind contained on the Website, are intended to provide the most information, however, the User must Keep in mind that they are for guidance purposes and, consequently, are not exhaustive.

The right is reserved to decide, at any time, the products offered to Users through the Website. In this way, HardPeach SL may at any time add new products to those included on the Website, it being understood, unless otherwise provided, that such new products will be governed by the provisions of the Conditions that are in force at that time. .

Likewise, HardPeach SL reserves the right to stop providing access, at any time and without prior notice, to any of the products offered on the Website.

In the event that, due to circumstances of force majeure, a product is not available after the purchase has been made, the User will be informed by email of the total or, where applicable, partial cancellation of the order. The partial cancellation of the order does not give the right to cancel the entire order, without prejudice to the exercise of the right of withdrawal that corresponds to the User in accordance with the provisions of these Conditions.

The operation may vary in the different compatible apps. We are not responsible if you do not find the operation of the app external to us that you have selected to use our articles adequate.

All of our articles have step-by-step tutorials for recommended compatible apps.



To complete the purchase process, the User, who must be over eighteen (18) years of age, must select all the products they wish to purchase and add them to the shopping bag. Once the selection of products to be purchased has been completed, the User must click on the “Buy now” icon. Next, the products selected for purchase will be indicated and the User must select between the available options for shipping the products to the indicated address and the method of payment for them. Finally, the user must press the "buy now" icon

The data provided through the corresponding form are identifying and enabling elements to access and make purchases and are personal and non-transferable.



Once the order is completed, the product will be sent directly to the email provided by the customer.



The payment methods accepted on the website are:

  1.       PAYPAL/CARD
    The Client will be taken to the PayPal website taking advantage of its secure payment platform.
  1.       Payment with Credit or Debit Card

Payment will be made through a security system provided by the bank itself.




These terms and conditions, together with your Order confirmation, constitute a CONTRACT between both parties.


About fraudulent orders

According to the conditions of use of our website, when a shipment is rejected for personal reasons of the customer, it is the customer's responsibility to pay for the round-trip shipping costs of the order. If payment of the costs caused by the rejection is not made, the amount will be claimed through a court, accredited with the customer's data and the IP address of the computer from which the order was placed.

These general conditions are formulated in accordance with the Civil and Commercial Codes, Law 7/1996, of January 15, on the Regulation of Retail Trade, Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General Conditions of Contracting and Law 7/1995, of March 23, on Consumer Credit.

In order to place an order, the buyer must be at least 18 years old.



Like the rest of our products, images or resources; These files are for PERSONAL, non-commercial USE . In no case is it allowed for commercial purposes.

Distribution or disclosure of the content to third parties is not permitted, nor is modification of the file for the purpose of reselling it or offering it for free as a different file. Specifically, you may not modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, transmit, for other than personal purposes.


All images, illustrations, patterns or graphics included are copyrighted by HardPeach SL

Failure to comply with this legal notice will lead to a penalty due to non-compliance with the Intellectual Property Law. Duplicating and/or sharing all or part of some of HardPeach's articles and/or the information contained therein by any means is illegal and is classified as a crime.

© HardPeach


When purchasing any of HardPeach's products, under no circumstances may it be used for commercial purposes. By purchasing the product you only acquire the rights of personal use, not ownership of the item.


By purchasing the item, and accepting the terms and conditions of the website, it is affirmed that the user (HardPeach customer) is aware and accepts this legal notice and will comply with it in full.



As they are digital products, they do not carry shipping costs.




As these are digital products, returns or exchanges will not be accepted. Condition that is accepted by the client once the order has been correctly placed.

Therefore, the fees and charges for the different digital items on our website are non-refundable. You acknowledge and accept, by accepting the conditions and terms, that we are not obliged to provide any refund for any reason, nor to offer any compensation with another product other than the one purchased.




HardPeach is not responsible for errors or updates made in third-party apps, nor for the user (client) not knowing how the compatible app in question works as it is an object external to HardPeach. On the other hand, HardPeach articles will be in constant process to continue improving the functionality in different applications, offering its clients the relevant updates or tutorials.

The operation may vary in the different compatible apps. We are not responsible if you do not find the operation of the app external to us that you have selected to use our articles appropriate.

All of our articles have step-by-step tutorials for recommended compatible apps.



The prices include in all cases the Value Added Tax (VAT) for users in the countries where their application applies.



The products will be sold at the price indicated, with the price collected at the time of confirmation of the order by the customer being valid.

HardPeach reserves the right to make price changes without prior notice.



HardPeach reserves the right to modify prices, articles, offers and other commercial conditions without prior notice.



The lack of requirement by HardPeach for strict compliance by the User of any of the obligations assumed by the User under a contract or these Conditions or the lack of exercise by us of the rights or actions that may correspond to us. By virtue of said contract or the Conditions, it will not imply any waiver or limitation in relation to said rights or actions nor will it exonerate the User from complying with such obligations. No waiver by HardPeach of a specific right or action will constitute a waiver of other rights or actions arising from a contract or the Conditions. No waiver by HardPeach of any of these Conditions or of the rights or actions derived from a contract will take effect, unless it is expressly established that it is a waiver and is formalized and communicated to the User in writing.



HardPeach reserves the right to review and modify these Terms at any time. The User will be subject to the policies and Conditions in force at the time they use the website or place each order, unless by law or decision of government agencies, changes must be made retroactively to said Conditions, in which case, the possible Changes will also affect orders that the User has previously made.



We have a complaint form available to customers, which can be requested by writing to shop@hardpeach.com

Likewise, any questions, suggestions or comments can be directed to our Customer Service department by email at shop@hardpeach.com, or through the chat on the page.




The Client agrees to use this website only to make legally valid inquiries or orders and not to make any false or fraudulent orders. Otherwise, we will be authorized to cancel it and inform the relevant authorities.

The User must not make any prohibited use of this website, meaning, among others, intentional introduction of viruses, Trojans or any other technologically harmful material.

We will not be responsible for any damage or loss that affects your computer as a result of the previous actions, or the use of this website or the downloading of content from it or to which it redirects.




HardPeach is not responsible for delays in the delivery of orders, or for the impossibility of carrying them out when the cause is due to a force majeure event, and therefore, beyond our control. Among other causes, we understand that force majeure exists in the following cases, but without limitation: accidents; strikes; riots, threats or terrorist attacks; fire or explosion; meteorological causes or natural disasters such as storm, flood, earthquake, subsidence, epidemic; problems beyond our control in means of transport or telecommunications systems. To the extent possible, once the cause of impossibility or delay has ended, everything possible will be done to resume its commercial activities and be able to fulfill its obligations and shipments.



By purchasing our products or visiting our website from your computer, tablet or phone, you can authorize us to use your personal information. All information you provide us is confidential. For the purposes of Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13 on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), HardPeach is responsible for collecting this information. We will process your data in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and other applicable laws. We guarantee that the information is collected following all necessary security measures. If you have any questions about this policy or the privacy of your data, you can read the Legal Notice section where you will find more detailed information, or you can contact us at the email address info@hardpeach.com




These Conditions are governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. In the event that any type of discrepancy or claim arises between the parties in relation to compliance or the content of these Conditions, the parties agree to submit the decision of the matter raised to the competent Courts and Tribunals.