Payment methods

You can place your order using the following payment methods: Payment with credit cards, prepaid card, debit cards, Paypal account, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Below we would like to offer you some additional information to help you with all your questions.


Card payment

You can use the following credit or debit cards: Visa, Visa Electron 4B, Euro6000, MasterCard, American Express and Maestro Internacional.

The purchase price of your order will be debited from the bank account to which it is linked. This payment method will be made directly by the bank, except in the event that the POS (Point of Sale Terminal) informs of the denial of the card, in which case the order will be automatically cancelled, informing the customer online of said payment. annulment.

HardPeach does not obtain any information about your bank account or card, the entire payment process is carried out through the bank's secure payment gateway.

It is a secure and fast payment method.

What to do if my debit card is rejected

In the event that the "card payment" method rejects your debit card, you must do the following:

1. Select "Paypal" as payment method
2. When the paypal screen opens, you will have two options available

- Enter Paypal
- Pay with card

3. Select the "Pay by card" option, it is not necessary to have a Paypal account and it will accept your debit card.



In this modality, payment will be made through the Paypal platform. This payment does not entail any additional expense for the client.

PayPal is a company in the electronic commerce sector, whose system allows customers to make payments and transfers over the Internet without sharing financial information with the seller , with the only requirement that they have an email address. It is a fast and secure system to send and receive money . We use this modality for the security it offers to the client.

HardPeach does not obtain any information about your PayPal account, the entire payment process is managed through the PayPal platform directly.

You can use Paypal regardless of the country you are from, if you have questions about its operation, contact us.

You can use your Paypal account or any credit or prepaid card.


Paypal in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Argentina...

Currently, Paypal does not support some currencies, for this reason, when selecting "Chilean Peso" or "Colombian Peso", among others, the Paypal option disappears. This is beyond our control, since it depends on Paypal.

If you are from Chile, Colombia...or another country where when you select your currency, the Paypal option disappears from the cart, you can change the currency at the bottom of the HardPeach website. Select "Euro" once you have added everything to the cart. This will not increase the price of your order, it will be the same, but it will allow you to place your order with Paypal.

Write to us if you have any questions.


Apple Pay and Google Pay

This payment method will appear directly to you when you are logged in to one of these secure payment platforms.